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UK version of Route 66

Ever dreamed of driving America’s iconic Route 66 but don’t fancy the flight to get there? Why not try a UK version of Route 66 instead: Route 57

Around 200,000 people each year drive all or part of “Route 66″, a world-famous journey stretching from Chicago to Los Angeles, right across the United States.

With historical and cultural sights aplenty, it’s on many-a bucket list – but if you’d rather not fly over the Atlantic, there’s a problem.

The solution? Our very own UK & Ireland version.

Uk version of Route 66 - Map

Starting in Plymouth and ending in Gallway (above), Route 57 has been designed by Jurys Inns Hotels to take you across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland with 57 must-see destinations along the way.

Of similar mileage and drive-time to Route 66, you can even divide it into 10 shorter road trips.

If you’re revving up your engine, check out Route 57 in full.

Route 57 starts in Plymouth

Route 57 starts in Plymouth


Images: Jurys Inns Hotels

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